Issaya Siamese Club – Bangkok

The restaurant by chef Ian Kittichai is a gem tucked away in a residential area of Bangkok. He really found the perfect setting for his delicious food to be appreciated in the right conditions. All the details, colours and lighting create a relaxed ambiance, a real treat after a hot day in busy Bangkok. The beautiful villa and garden are worth a visit, you get a glimpse here of what Bangkok looked like in a time now forgotten.

We were welcomed by the numerous staff waiting to only a handful of tables. Dinner starts late in Bangkok, people only came in when we were sampling the delicious desserts. We took a table on the terrace of the lovely villa. Take out a few hours to fully enjoy the tastes and sights and start with a drink in the garden before your meal. The restaurant is very cosy and colourful, we loved snapping a few pictures here.


From the moment you enter into the historical villa, you will be transported into another time and place, where old, dignified men sipped on some kind of spirit complaining about the heat. At this club however, they succeeded in creating a more colourful and romantic version of it. A sort of 1001 nights meets colonial Indochina. Any would-be prince charming should invite his love here to taste some of Bangkok’s best cuisine. The wonderfully colourful interior contrasts well with the garden at night.


Chef Ian Kittichai has an impressive resume, working for some of the greatest chefs in the world. He founded fine restaurants all over the world, but in Bangkok he has remained true to the Thai cuisine we love.

We started with some spicy beef salad, a kaleidoscopic plate rich in taste, but beware, if you are a stranger to thai seasoning, the food can be very spicy!

After that came the main courses. I had one of the chef’s signature dishes, Mussuman Curry Lamb Shank, an impressive preparation. The meat was cooked just right, tender with a beautiful texture. Doused in a sweet, fatty gravy that still let the meat be the star of this flavourful dish. Even my daughter, who can be quite fussy when it comes to eating, enjoyed her meal. She had a curry chicken, also perfectly cooked and seasoned.

I’m not sure, but I believe we had a chardonnay from New-Zealand, which is one of the regions often served in Thailand. We were unaware of the rich variety and quality of the wines from this island. We only have good things to say and will look for New-Zealand wines when we get back home.

After all of this came the dessert, and once again it was a surprising discovery. Superbly presented to us were fresh macarons, a selection of sweets and chocolates, rich in flavours and textures, a tree of cotton candy,… Everything here is as pleasing to the pallet as it is to the eye. Of course my daughter was overjoyed with this finale.


First of all, to be clear, the staff is attentive and plentiful. We had a tremendous time and we did not have any remarks at the time, but in hindsight, we feel the staff lacked a bit of professionalism. We were not proposed a drink in the garden or guided through the experience by a knowledgeable waiter, service was not on the same level as the food or ambiance, and that is something we have never experienced in Bangkok, where service is always top-notch. Maybe we are being fussy, lets just say it’s an area for improvement…

Nonetheless, we had a great time here and will undoubtedly come back for another evening at the club.

Anyone going to Bangkok should try this restaurant. We advise you to make sure you know where the restaurant is located, and be able to explain it to a taxi-driver. Along the road, some signs indicate the direction.

Setting  ++++
Food ++++
Service ++
Price  +++

Thanks to grantourismotravels for the tip!
a map and itinerary can be found here:
4 Soi Sri Aksorn, Chua Ploeng Road, Sathorn
Telephone: +66 (0)2 672 9040-1 – Email:


5 responses to “Issaya Siamese Club – Bangkok

  1. A perfect setting indeed! Any idea on how safe is Thailand in general for solo women travelers? (I’m planning a trip there and following your stories enthusiastically 🙂 )

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