Planning for our Thailand trip

After a good 3 months of reading, searching and mailing, I have settled on the final plan for our 10-day trip to Thailand. As always I listened to my wife’s subtle comments and imagined what kind of unique experiences and activities she and our 15 year old daughter would love. It’s not always easy to make their dreams happen in the real world. I have to collect a ton of information to assemble our own perfect holiday. Only hotels and flights are booked in advance, we don’t care much for surprises on that level. All other activities have been researched to find the best providers, but we’ll go with the flow.

During the first stages of planning, all options are open. A classic beach holiday? Combine it with Bangkok? The beautiful North of Thailand? A visit to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, or Bagan in Myanmar? Armed with some information and photos, I usually pass it by my wife for some feedback. We were initially thinking about going to Bagan and Yangoon after a few days in Bangkok, but budget and weather forecasts made us decide otherwise.

After considering all of our options, Thailand once again came out the winner. Thailand has always been our favourite destination. Even with progressing modernity and massive tourism, Thai never lost their identity. In Thailand change and traditionalism can go hand in hand even when it is at the forefront of the new global and digital world. The openness of Thai people, the many fascinating historical sites, the beautiful nature and landscapes and the incredible hotels all add up to a perfect holiday.

Of course the budget is one of the main factors when deciding where to go, but I can proudly say we’ve spent less than we would if we had used a brochure to stay for 10 days in an upscale resort on Phuket.


We will be staying in Bangkok for a few days, at the beautiful hotel “The Sukhothai“, set inside a calm and green oasis in the business district south of Lumpini Park. My wife will love the elegant design and easy access to shopping areas. There are so many amazing hotels in Bangkok it is hard to know which suits you best. We believe the hotel will make us feel like we are in Bangkok, some hotels look great but don’t give a clue on whether they are in Jamaica or Hong Kong. The Sukhothai Spa, the great reviews and the location in an area we haven’t yet explored, persuaded us it would be the ideal starting point for our Bangkok adventures.

We love thai cuisine and discovering thai food will be high on the agenda. Bangkok street food is well-known, but for a few years now the restaurants haver been reinventing Thai cuisine, which offers an amazing pallet of ingredients and flavours to work with. We are really excited to try Issaya Siamese Club and Bo.lan for the first time. You can expect some amazing photos and a mouthwatering review…

Khao Lak

This area on the Andaman coast, north of Phuket, is perfect if you are in search of a more peaceful stay or want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Phuket. We choose the beautiful resort “The Sarojin“, my wife only needed to see a couple of photos, I hope it lives up to the promises made on its website. They are quite active on twitter and share a lot of info on sustainability and nature projects. Khao Lak is also close to the Similian islands where we hope to go for a day of snorkelling.

Khao Sok National Park

Pristine rainforest, tropical wildlife and the beautiful Cheow Larn lake surrounded by the limestone cliffs typical to the region, make Khao Sok one of Thailand’s most splendid National Parks.  The rainforest here is one of the oldest in the world and is home to wild elephants, hornbills, gibbons and many more creepy crawlies. My wife wasn’t really enchanted at first but when I proposed the luxurious tents at “Elephant Hills Camp“, she understood this could be a unique experience, even with all the leeches. Elephant Hills proposes a variety of tours and stays, we wanted to stay for 1 night on the lake, but unfortunately it was already fully booked.


The island is synonym for holiday and photos portraying it as the ultimate paradise have been used in countless publications. Phuket has been a well-known tourist destination for years, and the tourism industry is well developed, catering to all budgets and tastes. We wanted to find a more quiet and laidback part of Phuket from which we could explore the rest of the island easily. “Banyan Tree Phuket” is a marvelous luxury resort on Bang Tao beach in the North of Phuket. Each villa has been designed in the attractive Thai style and has its own pool, so we’re looking forward to a totally relaxing time, we’ve earned it!

We would love to do some canoeing in Phang Nga bay with the famous limestone cliffs rising up from its blue waters. We’ll probably dive into the Phuket nightlife and visit the recently opened Nikki Beach Phuket for some glamorous instagrammable moments. Someone told us the Aziamendi restaurant was a must, so maybe we’ll try that too…


You can follow our adventures live on Twitter and we are still open to some tips if you have some to share!
We would like to thank Lara&Terence of Grantourismo travels and Nita of Spilling the Beans for their great tips and help.

2 responses to “Planning for our Thailand trip

  1. You are staying next door to Nahm restaurant in Bangkok – recently voted the best restaurant in Asia. Try get there for a meal, by western standards it’s reasonably priced. They also have a less formal lunch menu if you’re pushed for time. Warning though the food is spicy. As for Issaya I’m sure you’ll have a great meal and make sure to order the broken bucket for dessert – the kids will love it!!!

    • Thanks for the tip, Nahm was an option too, but we had to make choices. Issaya was just marvellous, we loved the desserts, great fun and lovely location. You probably had a great time in the kitchen, loved to read your adventures

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