A night in Brussels – a concert at Botanique and a bed in Hotel Bloom!

Sometimes when you go out, you have to keep in mind that you will eventually need to get back home. So maybe you will avoid drinking too much or memorise the complete timetable of public transport for that evening or… you could get a hotel room right next to the venue!

The Jezabels

The Jezabels

That’s what we did last saturday, when we went to see Australia’s latest export, The Jezabels. It was an intimate concert in the Orangerie, as there were only about 150 music lovers, and many of them expats who had some kind of link with Australia. We really enjoyed the timid/sensual dancing but banshee-like vocals of lead singer Hayley Mary, who has a great band to count on. Afterwards we met a lot of people from all over the world, who all praised the many concert venues in Brussels. Guess we are lucky indeed.

The Botanique is a great concert hall, set inside the old botanical gardens of Brussels, with several halls, of which the Rotonde is the most impressive, a round hall with domed ceiling in the style of the whole building. At the Witloofbar you can have dinner before going to a concert.

The park of the Botanique can be visited during the day and many young people and families will be chilling and playing here on a sunny day.

After the concert (and a few drinks…) we went to hotel Bloom!, which is conveniently located right next to the Botanique. It has modern looking rooms in white and in each the wall behind the bed has been decorated by a young artist. The bathroom is the only downside, it is small and not very modern looking, it’s the sort of bathroom I might have had 20 years ago in my dorm and had to be renovated, even back then. The breakfast buffet is well done, with a large choice of food and drinks. You can even make your own waffles in the neat yellow waffles van they have put in the dining room, really great fun! We had some smoothies and a big bowl of fruit first, as we needed to stock up on some vitamins, but we took the time to make some waffles after that…


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