Get the most out of just 1 day in London

The trip from Brussels to London was a smooth and fast train ride, it takes only 2 hours to get from Brussels to London. thanks to Eurostar. We picked up tickets at a special rate in November, Eurostar often has a sale for the period January to March, we paid about half of the regular price.

Unfortunately on the way the staff announced there would be a strike on the London underground, so we had to change our original plans and improvise a bit. With a demanding wife to please, this could have been a problem, but thanks to my careful planning, all I really had to do is shorten our original itinerary. We had to walk a bit more than expected but all in all we didn’t have to make too much concessions.

When we arrived London underground staff were available to help. They were well equipped and had internet on their smartphones so they were well-informed. Fortunately the Northern Line was operating, so we went to the London Bridge Station first.

London Bridge Station
From here it’s an easy walk to the London Bridge, the Shard, Borough Market or Tate Modern. The old Bankside Power Station is without a doubt one of the more impressive settings for a modern art gallery, and has become one of the top sights in London. Walk across the Millennium Bridge to get to St Paul’s Cathedral.

Borough Market:

Tate Modern:


Boulud Bar at Mandarin Oriental, Knightsbridge

From Tate modern we took a cab to Knightsbridge, as my wife mentioned she would “just like a hamburger”, Bar Boulud at Mandarin Oriental is known for their excellent hamburgers. We had a plate of their home-made charcuterie, very good, and a glass of marjan simcic, chardonnay slovenia 2009, which was delicious, sometimes it’s very hard to find a good chardonnay, but we found exactly what we were looking for. Then those savory burgers came on the table, yummy! I had a piggy burger with some bbq pulled pork, just exquisite!


Regent Street Shopping

Afterwards we went on to Regent street, for some real shopping. We wanted to visit the great shopping malls of London, like Harrods, Fortnum&Mason and Liberty, but my wife needed to treat herself, because leaving London without any bags was not an option. We walked along all the beautiful shops from Old Bond street to Regent street, although we also had to go into quite a few. The newly opened &Other stories is a really nice shop, a pleasant experience. These days I always wonder why a lot of shops need to play loud music and keep you in the dark about the quality of their clothes…

I wanted to have a hard-earned cocktail at Aqua, shopping can be hard work! But we didn’t have any time left, so next time maybe…


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