Why our blog is called “Travelling with a demanding wife”

Our blog is called that because Isabelle, my wife, can be quite exacting. She knows what she wants and she will not hesitate to let me know how she feels. Now some men might think that they know exactly what that is like, but one could also read it differently. Yes, she is exacting, so I need to be at the top of my game, every time. Yes, she knows what she wants… and she choose me! And she will tell me exactly what she thinks, so I can react accordingly. No games, no compromises.

the demanding wife

Now to live with Isabelle is no easy task, and I must really love her to be able to muster the energy needed to act on every occasion, but by no means is she whimsical or burdensome, no, she is a mature woman with a fully developed taste for the nice things in life.

A woman a man wants by his side, that makes him stronger, that he needs to become worldly. An ally to brave the world.

By travelling we learn from each other and the world, we gain the tools needed to confront hardship, and on the road we meet not only new people but above all each other. By researching great travel destinations, I have learned how to find the best deals for great hotels and how to properly plan our itinerary, so she can travel in style and comfort. In pursuing our love for exploring the world, I finally understood that the only power I truly carry, is caring for our family’s well-being and pleasure…


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